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GDPR is a complex issue, and you may encounter the need to handle GDPR related issues over time and over multiple tasks your business handles. For example, you would probably want to first ensure that your business reaches a certain baseline of compliance; then, to make sure to continually manage your operations in a compliant way, educate and train your personnel, choose appropriate vendors and IT systems, occasionally consult on day to day issues that arise in the GDPR context, and for some businesses - appoint a DPO; and more.


Here you can find some more details on how can DPO-PRO help you with your GDPR related needs. If there is anything that you need that is not addressed here, don't hesitate to contact us - we can probably help.

Map & Analyze

Map & Analyze

Together, we will identify and map all the data flows in your organization, identify the categories of personal data that you are processing, and answer a number of important questions that will give us a clear view on the extent and scope of personal data in your organization, what is done with it, how it is collected, stored, used, transferred, and more.

Once we have a concise inventory of your personal data, DPO-PRO will analyze where you stand in terms of the GDPR requirements and what are the gaps that we need to overcome.

Plan & Design

Plan & Design

Getting GDPR ready is a complicated task, and you may not have the span of attention or resources to handle everything at once.

DPO-PRO can help you design a road map for compliance actions. Making sensible decisions on what-to-do-and-when is a very important step. Following a comprehensive and clear work plan, with clear allocations of responsibility and ownership within your organization helps you keep in focus and reach your goals.



Deciding what to do is not enough. Here’s the bad news: you actually need to follow up on your work plan and accomplish the goals that you set.

DPO-PRO has the required tools, knowledge, experience, and not less important: patience and goodwill, to follow through, and to make the implementation process as painless as possible for you, with loads of practical advice.



GDPR compliance is not a goal that you accomplish and then just forget about it.

GDPR means that you will have to adopt a new way of thinking on how to do stuff from now on. And it’s not just because of GDPR; the global regulations will probably follow, the Israeli regulator certainly does, and the game rules are shifting, in as much as personal data and privacy protection are involved.

This means that your entire organization has to be aware of, think, eat, dream, play and sing privacy protection. Your teams may not have all the required knowledge to do support this, and even those who do may require freshening up their knowledge and be reminded of the obligations. It’s a matter of a state of mind and organizational culture.

DPO-PRO is here to help you make your most important assets, your people, champions and gate keepers for privacy protection, and thus ensure that you are always on track with privacy protection requirements,. .

It is also important to note that proper training is an obligation under GDPR.



If you have a question, or you got an email from a vendor or a customer, that you do not understand and not sure how to reply to;

If you have an agreement language concerning data privacy and you are not sure whether you should accept it or push back;

If you hesitate whether or not you are subject to a certain obligation or not;

DPO-PRO can help you understand and solve these issues so that your day-to-day operation is not interrupted.

These are of course only examples, and DPO-PRO is glad to help with any other issues that require consulting regarding EU related privacy protection issues and GDPR compliance issues.

Be your own DPO

Be Your Own DPO

In some cases, depending on certain aspects of your business, you may be required to retain the services of a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”).

A DPO doesn’t have to be a full time person, and it doesn’t have to be your employee. DPO-PRO can be your DPO!

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