November 8, 2018

מה זה GDPR?

מי עוד לא שמע את צירוף האותיות המאיים, GDPR? מי שלא – זקוק לקריאת השכמה, ויפה שעה אחת קודם. הGDPR – General Data Protection Regulations -  הינן תקנות שחוקקו על ידי האיחוד האירופי, ועוסקות בהסדרת אופן הטיפול במידע פרטי – איסוף המידע, שמירתו, עיבודו, וכל פעולה...

June 14, 2018

You may have heard this acronym many times over the past few months. GDPR is the General Date Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, enacted by the European Parliament and Council. It has the status of a binding law throughout the EU.  The GDPR was adopted on April 27th,...

May 2, 2018

Sometimes the distinction is not cut and clear.

Sometimes, you can be both – depending on what specific action or process we are talking about. You may be a controller of some, and a processor with respect to others. When acting as controller, you have to comply with al...

May 2, 2018

A major part of keeping your organization in compliance with GDPR, is making sure that you partner with vendors (and in general, third parties) that are also GDPR compliant.

When considering a partnership or other commercial relations with a vendor, it should become a p...

May 2, 2018

If you have employees in the EEC, remember: they are your data subjects as well!

You need to consider how to collect, process, retain, and otherwise process, your employee’s personal data. As an employer, you may hold special categories of personal data, on which GDPR i...

May 2, 2018

Getting ready for the GDPR means, for example:

-    Revise (or create) your internal privacy policies as well as privacy notices to end users

-    Register with the applicable authorities in the EU

-    Appoint a DPO

-    Be prepared to respon...

May 2, 2018

Companies doing business with EEA partners or collecting and processing personal data of EEA persons, should adhere and be compliant with the GDPR, not only because they are required to do so as stipulated by the GDPR, but also because:

•    The fines levied by the EU e...

May 2, 2018

Companies in breach of the GDPR are facing a few channels of sanctions:

1.    Supervisory Authority enforcement. The SAs are authorized to make inquiries, investigate, and issue administrative fines to Companies. The SAs are authorized to determine administrat...

May 2, 2018

The GDPR set forth certain principles that go through the entire regulation as an underlying manifest that is the essence of how the GDPR grasps proper handling of personal data.

•    Lawfulness. Personal data shall be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent man...

May 2, 2018

The GDPR has an unprecedented scope of applicability, defined in sections 2 (Material Scope) and 3 (Territorial Scope) of the GDPR.

In terms of material scope, generally speaking, and leaving out some exclusions the GDPR sets forth (which we will discuss in another item...

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