Our Job is Helping Companies Get GDPR Ready

GDPR is Already Here

Even though to some it might seem like much of a headache, ignoring it means that you expose your business to a great deal of risk, from loss of business relationships, through prosecution and finally penalties that can reach very high figures.

DPO-PRO can help you get ready for GDPR

and maintain ongoing compliance

Help you identify the data flows and associated risks within your organization


Provide insight into the actions needed to mitigate your risks and achieve greater compliance


Help you execute those actions you need to take in order to continuously comply with GDPR


Provide ongoing and ad-hoc consulting on data privacy issues and continued GDPR compliance


Serve as your DPO (Data Protection Officer), if you need one based on the GDPR requirements



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Are you a personal data controller or processor under GDPR?

Are you subject to the GDPR?

Is your organization in compliance?

What do you need to do in order to get to GDPR compliance?

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